Tapping & Game Ready


    EFT (for Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) is the primary technique used for emotional performance. A form of guided visualization called 'Game Ready' and other resolution techniques are used for athletic and corporate performance when needed.



    EFT was developed by Gary Craig as an abbreviation of the methods used in Thought Field Therapy (TFT), an earlier Energy Psychology method that used to elaborate diagnostic and treatment protocols. Craig came to the conclusion that a brief and standardized protocol could treat many psychological conditions without the need for lengthy diagnoses, and organized these points into a easily-administered method. EFT is uniformly applied by practitioners worldwide since the 1990s, and a consensus EFT research protocol has been used for various studies.


    In essence, EFT consists of techniques that allow individuals to neutralize highly charged emotional events. As part of virtual coaching programs or in the Catalyst Performance System, the client will be investigating blockages or limiting beliefs in their lives, thus recalling emotionally traumatic events (small t or big T traumas) naturally emerges in conversations. Measuring its intensity before the process and then pairing the recall with a self-acceptance statement, stimulating specific points on the body to produce a calming response creates a shift in the nervous system most clients feel after just one experience. Then re-testing the intensity helps clients notice the shift and thus determine where to take the tapping next. The entire process can take between 30 and 60 seconds, or several minutes at a time, depending on the purpose for use (pre athletic performance vs. deep healing) and what sub-techniques may be more appropriate.


    Many proponents of EFT believe it to be effective because of its points corresponding to the end points of the acupuncture meridians described by traditional Chinese medicine.

    Other more conventional authors have looked and studied various physiological mechanisms to explain the efficacy of Energy Psychology. These include:

    • deactivation of the hyper-arousal of the amygdala and other fight-or-flight structures in the brain that occurs during traumatic recall
    • stimulation of the rapid re-uptake and re-synthesis of stress hormones such as cortisol;
    • up-regulation of the secretion of inhibitory neurotransmitters such as serotonin, along with down-regulation of excitatory ones such as dopamine;
    • termination of the alarm response in the Sympathetic Nervous System, and replacement with a relaxation response in the Parasympathetic Nervous System
    • a release of serotonin in the prefrontal cortex of the brain
    • enhanced expression of stress-dampening Immediate Early Genes (IEGs) in brain structures such as the hippocampus and hypothalamus, with corresponding regulation of the HPA axis

    These mechanisms of action, working together or separately, have been posited as explanations for the extremely fast responses obtained in Energy Psychology treatments.*



    Developed by Dave Austin of Extreme Focus, Game Ready’s are a natural complement to the Catalyst mental and emotional coaching for athletes. In the short visualization process, a lot of what is discovered and talked about during mashing, stretching and tapping is brought together in a relevant and powerful way, helping the client visualize and FEEL all of what they DO want to create, feel, sense, and activate in their game, their meetings, or even at home with their loved ones.


    A wide range from 10 year old athletes, emotional eating clients, corporate executives, tennis, hockey swimming pros, and an LPGA pro golfer are loving and benefiting from the power of the unique combination of Tapping and 'Game Ready's.

    Reset your nervous system back to the frequency of nature.


    Clear away the static that keeps you from feeling calm & performing in the now.

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    *The Effect of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on Athletic Performance: A Randomized Controlled Blind Trial by Dawson Church

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