Synch up your Brain, Body & Nervous System with the Catalyst Performance System


    Catherine's evolving system is the combination of today's most effective techniques for complete body and mind empowerment. Fostering high performance, health, presence, and mindfulness integration, elite athletes and professionals are discovering new ways to access more strength, flexibility, body wisdom, and lasting edge to be their best.


    A look at the the Catalyst Performance System's 4 pillars

    Relax to Rebuild

    A form of massage known as 'mashing' (similar to Thai Massage), which speeds up recovery by way of reducing lactic acid, releasing cell toxicity and improving overall health of tissue.


    Reflexive Performance Reset designed to re-establish the body's natural sequencing, release compensation patterns and greater depth of breath and power.


    Self and assisted resistance stretching performed to differentiate all fibers in various planes of motion, gaining full flexibility and 360 strength at the joint. Increases presence.

    BE Game Ready!

    Techniques to improve mindset, calm the nervous system, raise emotional intelligence 

    & maintain improvements on all levels. Key component of Catalyst system.


    - benefiting on all levels -

    Jeff Salszenstein, Top 100 Pro Tennis Player, CEO, Tennis Evolution

    "Catherine Garceau is one of my “go to” mentors in the world of health and peak performance. When I met Catherine several years ago, I immediately recognized that she had a tremendous “gift" to share with anyone interested in maximizing their health and overall quality of life.  Catherine is an expert in the areas of nutrition and healthy eating, mindset training, resistance stretching, and powerful bodywork that can help peak performers break through their personal barriers. I personally work with Catherine on my own goals and never hesitate to send my clients to her for help. Catherine is one of my secret weapons, and I am so grateful to have her in my life as a respected colleague and friend I can rely on."

    Tim Racki, Head Football Coach, Nazareth Academy

    “Catherine was introduced to our football program through our team doctor, Dr. Tom Nelson. We implemented her EFT technique during our 2015 playoff run to the state championship. Many were skeptical at first as this therapy has not been tested many time in a "team" setting.  After our first session the results were undeniable. The focus and energy in the team meeting room was overwhelming. The calming effect coupled with the sense of confidence to perform carried over into our semi final game the following day. I am convinced it made a direct impact on how our players prepared and performed on the field. We coordinated another session on the eve of our state championship game. With anxiety levels and emotions running higher than a "normal" game we were amazed at how much more relaxed the staff and players looked when we dismissed them to their rooms for the night. A stark contrast to how they looked and behaved prior to the start of our session. I will continue to implement and practice EFT within my football program as I work with Catherine on various methods to help my players reach their peak state of mind for the physical and emotional demands of team competition.”