A Flexible Advantage for Your Body and Life


    The fundamental principle of resistance stretching is to strengthen the weak, sub-activated tissue, and open and expand the strong, dense tissue. Applying the principles of top leaders in the field (Elizabeth Troy of Muscle Meridian Method, Nic B of DCT™, and Bob Cooley of Genius of Flexibility),


    The Catalyst Performance System also uses Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) to add an important edge to the start of any stretching session. While RPR is mostly done prior to stretching, points may be used throughout, keeping the body out of compensation patterns, and further assisting deep stretch and strengthening.


    From a physical perspective, this form of work is most powerful to help restore balance to the musculoskeletal system, changing the way clients move and reducing wear and tear on the body. This is achieved primarily by using an eccentric muscle contraction – contracting a muscle while it lengthens – which is inverse to the more commonly understood concentric contraction (e.g. biceps curl).


    Much of ‘weight workouts’ in the gym use concentric contractions. This is great for building strength and muscle, but often contributes to creating muscle tension and ‘knots’. While massage or physical therapy can help reduce physical tension and/or pain, the body’s breakdown patterns have various causes (such as bad posture, too much sitting, accidents, or working out using concentric contractions only) and repercussions, such as decreased range of motion, reduced functionality, and compensatory patterns. The Catalyst Performance System is designed to address these core issues.


    From a psychological perspective, using targeted eccentric muscle contractions associated to each Meridians in the body (TCM) creates a way of being that can be from subtle to immensely transformative for some. No matter the range, it’s a powerful way to access, notice, and embody new ways of being. Creating increased power and strength in relevant Meridian channels can be used to activate greater confidence for performance, connection in relationship, vulnerable and safe openings for healing, and much more.


    Because of its cross modality blend, the Catalyst Performance System is primarily offered through one-on-one sessions and/or complete 90 day and one year programs with Catherine.


    Teams, colleges, professionals and corporate organizations can also benefit from this work. Catherine's extended network of have as a primary goal to deliver the system's pillars in their best sequence and applicability.

    a resistance stretch for the hip flexor

    Jack resists against my hand as I push his leg down

    a resistance stretch for the front and back of the shoulders

    bringing Erica's arms back and forward as she continues to resist against me