Your goals. Your body. Catalyzed to fruition.




    I help release tension out of your body and mind, reset your firing patterns, and release emotional blocks that may be keeping you from winning with ease.


    Your body shows us your biggest opportunity for growth. We watch, listen & guide you to your next level of success.


    "I've got your back".

    Exciting progress is inevitable.


    READY & 


    You don't have to be a pro athlete or an Olympian to love this work. You're seeking a new way to feel a peace of mind as you become the best. You're ready to dive deep, invest in yourself & play full out.


    You expect real results with more happiness, presence, and joy in your sport, career and in life.


    This new path brings all of you to the table. Nothing unturned.

  • 4 ways to work with me:


    Full year coaching with quarterly 3-day intensives



    90-Day Catalyst experience with monthly 3-day intensives



    Coaching/Tapping only - 90 day or full year programs



    3-day Catalyst intensive


    *intensives offered in Chicago or in your home city



    - amazing results -

    Brian Giebel, Financial trader, Personal Trainer, Lifetime Athlete

    "Catherine’s skills, experiences and emotional intelligence have certainly proved valuable and transformative for me. She has an excellent reputation in my community and her book is often referenced and positively reviewed among people I respect. When I stumbled into Catherine’s coaching circle, somewhat serendipitously, my father had just died. A lawsuit had followed and childhood traumas burdened my mind (and body) daily. Not knowing how or if EFT could help, our coaching turned out to be life changing in ways that I did not expect or seek. By discussing and processing painful events in a safe manner, as well as following her EFT guidance, my perspective of those events shifted and I became much more of an objective observer. Becoming less emotionally attached and affected by these memories was undoubtedly freeing. I am tremendously grateful for what I have learned and gained from my work with Catherine. She has a unique combination of learned skills and innate talents that reach far beyond “tapping”.

    Taylor Jerabek, Massage Practitioner & Bodyworker

    "Catherine is one of the most inspiring, unique, driven, courageous, and intelligent woman I know. She has coached me on things I didn't even know could be interpreted in a new manner. The way in which she uses Tapping is mind-blowing. She has a rare gift of helping you look at your looping thoughts and feeling to better understand them, release the resistance, and help you move forward in a fresh new way. Her essence makes people feel comfortable and safe no matter if she's one-on-one with someone or facilitating a group. Catherine has helped me to love my body in such a different light. She is a treasure in a treasure chest and will open you up to a better you!