• Tap for 10 - Energy Series

    Shift your energy in 10 mins or less - to gain more clarity, focus, sleep, and inspired action!

    What is Tapping, the points and how to use the Tap for 10 Energy Series

    #1 When you feel overwhelmed by life

    Tap into feeling calm & peaceful knowing that everything is working out!

    #2 When you feel chaotic & confused

    Tap to feel more clarity, focus & presence + take step-by-step action

    #3. When you feel frustrated about your body, food, exercise...

    Tap to feel more self-love, acceptance, & activate your ideal lifestyle

    #4 When you judge yourself for being lazy and procrastinate

    Tap to reset your true energy capacity & take timely inspired action

    #5 When you feel tired and uninspired

    Tap to trust the pause + welcome new flow & divine timing

    #6. When you're exhausted from a draining person in your life

    Tap to feel more centered, focused, & thriving 'inside' your energy bubble

    #7A When you wake-up tired from lack of or bad sleep

    Tap to release the emotional stress, feel refreshed and ready for the day

    #7B When you feel anxious at night & have trouble sleeping

    Tap out worries from the day, an overthinking mind, & relax into sleep

  • A few more ways you can benefit from the

    Catalyst Performance System...

    Going deeper with Cat's "Tapping Troubleshooting" Guide

    In your Tap For 10 welcome email is your "Tapping Troubleshooting" guide. If you've missed it, email us and we'll send you a copy.


    Once you've reviewed it, used the above videos to clear your energy drains, and applied Tapping to the specific events connected to your main issues, your nervous system should feel clearer and calmer. If you're not experiencing a noticeable shift, or you'd like to inquire about coaching and tapping with Cat, fill out the inquiry form here.

    Tapping + Catalyst Coaching combined

    "Working with Catherine has been transformative. She has helped me work through many items that I didn't even realize were holding me back. Tapping has been an incredible way to release old beliefs and programming that kept me stuck. I am truly a new person - inside and out." ~Jane Pilger, founder of Food Body Peace.


    If you're interested in having someone not only 'Tap' with you but help be a Catalyst to your next level of energy, purpose. body freedom, relationship integrity, etc - Fill out this form to schedule a complementary Catalyst session!