'Mashing' for Relaxation & Cellular Rejuvenation


    Mashing uses some of the principles from Thai massage, where feet and body weight are used to create cumulative therapeutic changes in the body.


    This work creates an immediate sense of physical and emotional relaxation, allowing both physical and psychological work that follows to be deeper and more effective.


    From a cellular perspective, mashing helps remove waste products from the muscles, reduce lactic acid buildup, increases blood circulation, helps release scar tissue and trigger points, as well as prepare the fascia for performance reset and resistance stretching.


    From a Traditional Chinese Meridian perspective, we work along each meridian, freeing up any blockages in the energy flow of the body.


    When all muscles, fascia, and meridians open up and relax, you relax.


    For busy athletes and experts on the go, mashing becomes a great way to use ‘bodywork’ time to also catch up with Cat, sharing any worries, thoughts and new goals to address in the work to follow. Psychological insights often emerge as result of this deep body work.


    Most sessions involve a full body flush using mashing on most parts of the body while others can be more targeted to one or two areas in need of more release.

    With Jack Dell'Accio, CEO of Essentia, leaders in natural mattresses

    'Mashing' his hamstrings - ie. bladder meridian.