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    "Better results is the natural outcome of a happy and healthy body and mind."

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    "Doing great work while embodying great health takes great work to the next level."


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    Dr. Tom Nelson, Family Medical Center Co-Owner, Activation Specialist

    "EFT has been a game changer in my life. I had been using it intermittently in my practice for 3 years. My knowledge and ability to incorporate this into a group/team setting was greatly enhanced after witnessing Catherine’s expertise.

    On a personal level, she helped me overcome the frustration of working with a difficult partner in my medical practice. The Tapping dramatically eased the tension I brought into our professional relationship. Meetings were more productive. I become a more effective leader as I was able to focus on our strengths, accepting, our differences. (That was after one session with Catherine 3 months ago!)

    Catherine also provided me guidance on how to use EFT in our High School football program. Using this in a team setting was powerful. Working through previous subconscious anxiety and emotions was key to being able to relax the athletes and create better mental focus. This greatly impacted our performance allowing us to win back to back state championships. I was amazed at the dramatic and immediate impact on both the players and the coaches."

    Pam Shriver, Accountant, Human Design Career Specialist

    “With her gifts as an EFT practitioner, Catherine’s has a unique ability to help identify and address the roots of stress – often residues we can’t remember that still linger in our mental, emotional or physical body. Adding to our daily stressors of life and work, these continue to accumulate and cloud the path of real solution and well-being. Catherine is great at clearing that path while empowering at the same time. She’s a creative role-model for embracing life’s experiences and moving forward with integrity and joy while gaining wisdom from each lesson and discovery.”


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