• Reflexive Performance Reset

    Your Body and Breath Reset for Performance


    Your body has two priorities for optimal performance; breathing and hip flexion. Unfortunately, years of too much stress, sitting, flying, driving, or moving incorrectly, creates a physiological state of stress in the body resulting in harmful compensation patterns.


    These compensation patterns are happening in your body right now, and may have already lead to injuries or every day aches and pains that limit your performance.


    Using a simple muscle testing process, we can find out what your primary compensation patterns are, and then use effective breathing and reflex points to reset the best sequence for your body to generate movement.


    There’s nothing intuitive about the pressure points used in these resets. Results can be felt and measured immediately, leaving your body in less pain, in a deeper breath pattern, ready for a stronger performance and in a much better sequence to benefit resistance stretching.


    For the purpose of deeper healing goals, these resets restore a balance between the “arousing” and “calming” functions of your nervous system, setting up a state of safety for mental and emotional releases that may follow.

    Is your psoas doing its job?

    deep acupressure points to reset breath patterns