Satisfaction based performance using body/mind wisdom,

    physical reset, emotional clarity, presence & power

    Cat (The Catalyst)

    I love bringing an experiential depth to the high-end overlap between health, healing, and the drive for high performance. In my book, Swimming Out of Water, I share my Olympic victory, as well as my unconventional recovery from eating disorders, depression and autoimmune challenges. Weaving through many of the challenges, adventures, and self-experiments I learned from before and after the Olympic Games, I re-discover faith, renew my courage, and tap into my natural desire to be a catalyst for others to do the same.


    Whether it be in one-on-one coaching, as part of your corporate wellness program, or on an adventure retreat with wild dolphins & whales, my multi-dimensional work is life changing. Currently, I am coaching Pro Athletes, Olympians, CEO's and the youth to their highest potential, developing themselves through greater presence, deeper breath, emotional intelligence, and a new form of flexibility.  



    In 2001, after winning an Olympic Medal (in Sydney in synchronized swimming), I lived my worst lie. Now team captain of the Canadian National team, I created all sorts of inspiring exercises for the team, I showed up at practice, stoic, strong, without one mention of my pain. The truth was, eating disorders, unexplainable sadness, and anxiety had me numbing out with binging on food (sweets, protein bars and everything in between). I had no idea what my body needed or how to find balance.


    Fast forward to 2006. Retired from competitive synchro, graduated from University of Toronto, now performing in the aquatic shows of Las Vegas. Some of the best experiences of my life, still, I felt unfulfilled.


    A version of "When I have 'that' body, meet that special person, or make X money, then I'll be happy, then I"ll feel accomplished." was always running. How many high performers live in the land of 'not enough'?

    Without noticing, we put off feeling pleasure and satisfaction into the future - the ultimate trap.


    A life altering day and night spent caught in the Red Rocks of Las Vegas birthed my mission to educate and inspire others. I decided to flip things around - to reframe my pain into growth. All those 'bad body' days, a very stubborn lack of confidence, addictive behaviors, and a daring sense of adventure all lead me to bold action - fueling the discovery and activation of my purpose. I committed myself to this path, gathering insights and resources from experts on eating disorders, bodymind nutrition, the psychology of eating, resistance stretching, muscle activation, etc, until I watched it form a powerful whole. My self-healing adventures shifted into a relentless desire to make a difference, for good.


    And that's how the small journal I started as a call for rescue and prayer while caught in the Red Rocks of Las Vegas became a published book entitled Swimming Out of Water.


      Being a catalyst for change became my new default. No matter how many times I fell, doubted, or thought I'd quit, I'd return to these two core beliefs:


      1. We must let go of 'perfect' to take bold, new action in our lives

      2. We have more strength, resilience and power than we give ourselves credit for, and having someone to reflect this back to us is key.


      Clients working with me don’t get a ‘coach’, or a ‘healer’, they gain a fully committed guide who fiercely facilitates simultaneous releases in body and mind. My clients have won Stanley cups, majors in the LPGA, competed in 2+ Olympic games, build million dollar companies, and still find themselves fighting against their nature. With EFT, and other tools, we investigate this 'shadow of achievement' with curiosity, release patterns, and discover new leverage for growth. Exploring this emotional landscape while activating more presence and proper sequencing in the body is what makes the Catalyst Performance System so unique.

      Transforming the body's cellular memory and making way for new neuro-pathways to fire is a sure way to give clients a performance edge.


      What I value the most from the coaches I work with is their “got your back” attitude. Receiving 'sessions' in Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), RPR, Resistance Stretching, or whatever else performers may be called to, can create massive shifts in the moment, but sustainable performance that keeps expanding comes in the glue that ties it all together. A coach - or Catalyst - stands behind you, ahead of you, and beside you, with an eye on your overall progress - in body and mind - until you cross the finish line.


      My “got your back” coaching comes with the compassion of “Yes, I’ve been there”, the discernment of “NO, I’m not letting you settle for this” and the deep inquiry of taking you deeper, many times over. The biggest gift I received from my coach before the Olympic trials was her 110% belief in me. I hadn't yet made the cut, but she saw me there, put words to it, made it real. This gave me wings to fly into that possibility.


      Today, I'm honored to pass this depth of belief and commitment on to my clients.


      Trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), Qigong, Reflexive Performance Reset, Resistance Stretching, and Regression Resolution, my hybrid of energetic and body work forms the Catalyst Performance System, a multi-disciplinary approach that creates immediate and permanent improvements in body, mind and spirit. Targeted presentations have been delivered to sports teams, coaches and corporate organizations looking for a performance edge - with wellness and presence in mind.